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Why make a corporate video?

  • video is processed 60.000 times faster on the brain than text
  • videos engages people
  • videos are a great marketing tool
  • videos helps to improve SEO
  • video are easy to share on social media
  • bring your video everywhere on your smartphone or tablet

Brands that use visual content have found that it encourages greater engagement with their customers. This is very understandable, as visual storytelling is something that goes back to caveman days. Visuals help us tell our stories quickly with impact and emotion.

Research has shown that video can increase engagement with content in multiple ways – from increased brand perception, to better landing page conversion and sharing of viral content. It has become a ‘must-have’ part of content marketing for both B2B and B2C businesses.

How to use your explainer video?

  • show on your website
  • share on social media
  • B2B and B2C interactions
  • offline on smartphones and tablets
  • to describe your products in live interactions
  • in store, digital signage
  • QRcode

make your corporate video in few steps


Arnaldo Caprai – Wine Explainer Video

Arnaldo Caprai – New Green Revolution

Arnaldo Caprai Winery

Borgobrufa SPA Resort – Food

Borgobrufa SPA Resort – stop motion

Cruciani MilanoFW15

Mentadent White Now Men

Pomilia – tomatoes in love

Pomilia – corporate video

La Fiammante produttori

Milky Way at Caprai Winery

Ambasciata d’Italia a Bucarest

La Fiammante