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The Arnaldo Caprai winery is located in a beautiful place, in Montefalco – Umbria.

During the production of a corporate video for Arnaldo Caprai I was fascinated by the starry sky over the winery, so I took my camera (Sony A7s) for shooting a Timelapse of the milky way. I waited all the night until the dawn, the atmosphere was magic and very romantic, listening the frogs croaking and the stars moving over our heads. It was an amazing experience.


As mentioned above I used a Sony A7s paired with Sony/Zeiss 16-35 F4, using the Time-lapse app the photos are taken between 12800 and 20000 Iso. All RAW files are edited in Adobe Lightroom, the star trail effect is made in After Effects with the Time Blend Fx effect.


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