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With my friend Michele Sica I went to Caselle in Pittari a village in the Cilento national park, province of Salerno.

We met Domenica a.k.a. Minicuccia a cheese maker that makes Caciocavallo and Ricotta cheese in an ancient way, and with and unique taste.

So I grabbed my gears: Sony A7sII and Sigma 20mm f1.4 rigged on my Manfrotto Sympla and Tilta Follow Focus

and started shooting.

Back home I fast edited the footage in a two minute video and uploaded on my Facebook page, in few minutes the likes and share grown. After one day more than 24000 people seen the video and more than 400 share it, and + 12,5% likes on my page.

I also think that the style of the video helps:

run and gun, on the shoulder rig, with a very wide angle but with shallow depth of field thanks tho the Sigma 20 f1.4  in combination with the letter boxing give a sort of anamorphic film look, because you see a shallow DOF with a large field of view typical of the anamorphic lenses; of course a cinematographer’s eye can easily understand that isn’t a real anamorphic.

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